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Why make a supplement in a LICK BLOCK form for dogs?

Maggie glowing with health

Dogs enjoy licking and it is a great way to deliver a natural product that should improve their health. The dog is not forced to take pills or be given supplements in drinking water.

What is in Pooch Boost?

A balanced mix of plant derived minerals from nature not laboratories. It is rich in humate material that holds the stored energy of pre-historic plants, plus Kelp, Omega 3 and more. Pooch Boost is made from all ORGANIC material, is non-toxic and chemical free with no preservatives. It contains no meat, or grain and will compliment your dogs normal feed.

What if my dog will not lick Pooch Boost?

As we all know dogs can be unpredictable and so we also supply POOCH BOOST in PELLET form as well.
This product is exactly the same as the lick and can be fed in the dogs normal food or on its own.

Pooch Boost Pellets

What will Pooch Boost do for my dog?

We cannot make claims as to what this supplement will do for your dog, but you may observe these benefits.

  • General health improvement, such as, shiny coat, bright eyes and increased energy.
  • Better mobility if dog is arthritic.
  • Better temperament.
  • Healthy digestive system with better utilisation of feed.
  • Immune system boost to fight off disease.
  • Reduction in internal parasite burdens.
    • It has been very pleasing to receive feed back from very happy customers who have seen outstanding improvements in the health issues of their dogs since starting on Pooch Boost.

      Our personal experience with our own dogs has been excellent. Our Maremma (pictured) has an issue with arthritis and was lethargic and stiff. She has gained much more energy and is out and about running everywhere, which she found difficult to do prior to being given Pooch Boost. She has her own personal lick and bowl and she will lick for 10 minutes or so either daily or every second day. She makes herself comfortable sitting down and puts her paw on the bowl and gets licking. Maggie our Border Collie is glowing with health and also loves her lick.

Observations and Performance

Delta the Maremma enjoying her lick block

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