It is our pleasure to introduce a LICK BLOCK & Pellet supplement made especially for dogs, called POOCH BOOST.

It is made from natural ORGANIC ingredients, is chemical free and has no preservatives. Pooch Boost is a small block designed for dogs to lick, to keep them healthy, happy and satisfied. Ideal for dogs with chronic health problems.

Why we made a supplement for dogs.
Today we live in an unhealthy world with our soil, air and food constantly being polluted.
Much of the food produced now, compared to 50 years ago, may be lacking in nutritional value. This is partly due to the damage done to the soil by our chemical farming practices. Records show our soils are becoming depleted of important minerals and the bulk of our food is grown in lifeless soil that contains herbicides, pesticides and other nasty additives and relies on chemical fertilisers.
We need mineralised food to keep our bodies healthy and so do our animals, they are no different.

With this in mind we developed the highly successful BioBloc STOCK LICK for livestock in 2006 and later in 2009 PeckaBloc for poultry. These natural mineral supplement blocks have improved the lives and health of many animals and birds and continue to gain popularity across Australia and New Zealand.

With the success of these healthy products, we have been encouraged to make something similar for dogs.
It is a well known fact many dogs these days unfortunately suffer from all types of chronic ailments and diseases, which are ever increasing as never before, just as they are in humans.

We hope our Pooch Boost supplement will go a long way to help address these issues and make life a lot happier and healthier for dogs all over Australia and beyond.

The following pages will give you more information.

Pooch boost for web-2 maggie

Maggie the Border Collie - enjoying her lick in holder bowl.

Pooch Boost in holder bowl no lid

Pooch Boost Dog Lick Block in bowl.

Maggie for the web

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